All things statistical for Far Lands or Bust

Season 2

Ep.  31  -  96

Far Lands or Bust Season 2


The Cayon of Woah / FLoB FlashBack

  • KurtJMac annocened Child's Play Charity on Episode 31
  • Wolfie McWolfington Esquire III first appearance was on Episode 32 after KurtJMac fed him 1 bone to tame him. Wolfie is still with KurtJMac today
  • First appearance of Snarky Yellow Text on FLoB was episode 32
  • The "Canyon of WOAH" was discovered on Episode 33
  • The first F3 goal was reached on Episode 35 after Kurt first announced Child's Play Charity in Episode 31
  • The "Hidey Hole Paradox" occured on Episode 36
  • KurtJMac announces a new Child's Play Charity goal of $8200 in Episode 37
  • The first Episode of Beta 1.7.3 was in Episode 46 and KurtJMac currently uses that version to this day

These Stats above are as of Episode 38 of Far Lands or Bust.

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