All things statistical for Far Lands or Bust

Season 1

Ep. 1  -  30

Far Lands or Bust Season 1

Spawn Cabin / FLoB Flashback

  • The spawn cabin was built was built between episodes 3 and 6
  • KurtJMac headed west on episode 11 leaving behind the spawn cabin
  • The original items he had when he left the cabin were, a compass, diamond pickaxe and diamond sword
  • The coordinates of the original spawn cabin were X: 191.54 Y: 102.62 Z -148.30
  • He started playing Minecraft in beta 1.3.01 and it was originally called Minecraft Adventures
  • He was dressed as the 11th doctor
  • He decides to go to the FarLands on episode 11
  • KurtJMac's first snore was on episode 7
  • KurtJMac's first indeed occured in episode 11
  • KurtJMac's first spawner encounter was on episode 13, on which he promptly built a house on top of the spawner. We first see this on episode 14
  • He also built his first bow in episode 14
  • KurtJMac become the tenth doctor and was considered a time lord from then on
  • KurtJMac talks about not pressing F3 at all in episode 23
  • KurtJMac discovers a wulfpack and befriends 4 wolves to follow him on his journey to the Farlands. He loses them in episode 26 when he is crossing an ocean
  • Snarky Yellow text first makes an appearance on episode 25

Items Placed

Misc. Statistics 

  • Total number of 1 day episodes: 25
  • Total number of 2 day episodes: 5
  • KurtJMac answers questions from the farlanders: 16

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