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Paradox Wolfie

Time is a fickle mistress and ought not to be trifled with. The changing of a singular event in the past can alter the future in extreme ways. What happens when one messes with time?

On June 14th 2011, a simple adventurer by the name of Kurt headed west in search of lands far from his home. He walked with his faithful wolf companion, Wolfie, and chatted jovially to the world around him. He walked for hours, constructing crude boats, sailing vast lakes, and hopping crevices. He rested the night in a dirt hole on the side of a hill, to give him some cover from the unholy creatures that roam the night.

Upon waking he left his crudely constructed bed and some torches behind, sealing the hiding hole behind him with some nearby sand. He looked towards the sun and continued west. After many hours of travel he neared a hill overlooking a beach. Traveling down the hill, Kurt noticed something a bit strange. The sight of his companion Wolfie sitting and staring at him was confusing, as he did not remember sitting the wolf down. He looked around and saw another wolf running down the hill after him. Upon looking back, Wolfie was still seated. “What is going on?” Kurt exclaimed, his sudden realization of having two of his own pet unnerving him to the core…


Upon starting Ep. 36 of Far Lands or Bust, Kurt had kept a small fact from the Farlanders. He had recorded once before this but had decided to redo his first inadequate attempt at the episode. He reloaded the world from a previous backup and inadvertently messed with time itself. He did not realize that by reloading a previous save with Minecraft still open and running on his system it would cause all things made/placed previously to remain within the world while simultaneously reloading the terrain. As a result, Wolfie was cloned and the end of episode Hidey Hole from the previous attempt remained.

Now the interesting Question. When Kurt left the Hidey Hole in Episode 37 he grabbed the Wolfie he called the “Original” that was brought along in the official Episode 36 (Wolfie 2), and left behind the Wolfie that was already waiting there (Wolfie 1).

Since Wolfie 1 was already sitting and waiting for Kurt prior to the duplication/restart event, it makes him the original Wolfie. Therefore, Wolfie 2 is not the one we originally were given, but is instead a clone. The day that Kurt walked away from that Hidey Hole, he left behind the original Wolfie.

But Wolfie 2 is also not the one we know today. During the 2nd FLoBathon event, Wolfie 2 ran towards Kurt right before he logged out of the world. As a result of Wolfie occupying the same block as Kurt, he blinked out of existence.

Unable to deal with his grief, Kurt invoked the Hidey Hole Paradox in an attempt to go back in time and save his friend. His mission was a success as he did find Wolfie waiting for him upon his travel back, but is it the same Wolfie? Is he not just another duplication created by Kurt, in his grief, to bring back the friend he had lost?

Is the Wolfie we know today the original or is he an exact copy or an exact copy of an exact copy?

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