All things statistical for Far Lands or Bust

Welcome to the insane project attempting to catalog all of the things, major and minor that happen in Kurt's journey to the Far Lands. This Project was started on January 1st, 2015 by Cold Within and will record an assortment of things, including but not limited to the number of: Hidey-Holes, Total damage taken, Boats made, and much more.

In May 2017, Shadowwulf joined the group to help with FLoBstats and the website redesign.

In June 2017, We welcomed Guardax and TDWfan to the FLoBstats crew to help us on our endeavor.

This is a Work in progress so check back regularly on the reddit page. There is a live google document that I insert all stats into that is located HERE so you can see my progress.

You can leave feedback at the subreddit and make suggestions.


Current Crew:

Cold Within




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